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RaidenMC Rules

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Respectful Behavior:
  • Treat all players with respect and kindness.
  • Avoid sending abusive, offensive, or hurtful messages.
  • Refrain from engaging in harassment, disturbance, or bullying toward any player.
  • Do not share personal information about yourself or others.
  • Never ask anyone for their personal information.

Appropriate Content:
  • Keep discussions and jokes free from inappropriate topics.
  • Do not provide misleading information to deceive others.
  • Avoid discussing sensitive subjects like politics or religion.
  • Refrain from using inappropriate skins, gamertags, or tags.
  • Do not create or showcase builds that are deemed inappropriate.
  • Impersonation of others is strictly prohibited.

No Advertising:
  • Do not promote or advertise servers, channels, social media accounts, websites, or Discord servers.
  • Avoid hosting giveaways with the intent of promoting or advertising external content.
  • Trading RaideMC store products for in-game coins or items is allowed.

Clean Communication:
  • Do not spam messages in any chat channel.
  • Refrain from excessive use of capital letters.
  • Avoid sending messages with excessive random symbols or ASCII text.

Fair Play:
  • Do not use illegal modifications or cheats that provide unfair advantages.
  • Auto-clickers, macros, and key mappers (software or hardware) are prohibited.
  • Collaborating with or supporting players using illegal modifications is also punishable.

Bug Exploitation:
  • Do not exploit or abuse bugs, glitches, or exploits.
  • Collaborating with or enabling others to abuse bugs is also prohibited.
  • Do not engage in activities that intentionally crash, degrade, or damage the server.

Real-Money Trading:
  • Trading in-game items, currency, services, or accounts for real currencies or through third-party websites is strictly prohibited.
  • Trading RaideMC store products for in-game coins or items is allowed.

Rule Enforcement:
  • Do not encourage other players to break the rules.
  • Discourage any behavior that violates the guidelines.

AFK Behavior:
  • Avoid using prohibited methods to remain AFK, such as exploiting bugs, modifications, third-party software, hardware, or objects like tape or pencil.
  • You may stay AFK by standing still or using an AFK pool.

Scam Prevention:
  • Do not scam or deceive other players using any method.

Proper Use of Reporting Tools:
  • Utilize reporting tools only for serious issues.
  • Avoid submitting fake reports, spamming the /report command, or sending joke reports to gain attention.
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